Words From The Author

Greatings, I am Author K. Bethany and I would like to explain my writings and where I obtained the inspiration to actually become a published author. I am the middle child of 6 my mother beleived in education and especially reading the dictionary she was an avid reader and that's where I obtained my zest for literature. My mother would sit us girls down and make up stories, and I found them all so interesting. I entered my first writing contest at the age of 8. I entered a short story contest for Readers Digest, needless to say I did not win but that was my start and I continued to write, mostly to myself. I entered multiple contest without ever winning any of them, again I was very young and had not perfected my craft of writing. I stopped for a while and began writing again.


How do I obtain information for writing one might ask.  I write strongly from using the environment that surronds me. Many of my stories contain elements of myself and my environment and the environment that I grew up in and around. I am very conscious of using my everyday life as a barometer for creating conflicted characters. I'm always re-adjusting the lens for a different point of view. My stories don't always have a happy ending because life almost never has a happy ending. My characters not only look upon their world but they also look out at the larger universe. In some cases, they must look deep whitin their soul and report back. This has been a conscientious decision to hone upon what happens in the world and how to deal or not deal with the metropolis gaze which has long defined  my writings. To say a bit more for me or the world that I am creatively building for myself would be very precise in moving characters from the cliche umbrella of the ghetto characters. If I do my job properly, I can develop universal characters who are relatable to everyone in the world without having the reader to think, "Oh here I am reading about the inner-city ghetto characters doing what I expect them to do." I think I'm on my way to succeeding in conveying the complexity of it all. I can truly say that I am not or that I do not have an interest in altering the world around me, I would just like my readers to have the concrete details as a pointer to guide them through the collection of my characters. I thnk that this provides an element of satisfaction to the reader that may not have been possible in a standalone story. In some parts my stories are violent or have a violent nature, but such is the world that we live in, some of my stories can be incredibly tender and can be a postion of violence and tenderness that I believe can be and has become the real engine of my collection of stories that can be or perseverance through hard times and survival. I hope that the world or shall I say the universe enjoys my works as much as I love and enjoy writing them.



Thank you

Author K. Bethany!